Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beach sand could be the ultimate answer for faster battery charging

Are you fed up of charging your cell phone every day? Well I am and so would be countless ‘active’ cellphone users who have to charge their cellphone every day. But not anymore as there are good news as the answer comes from Mother Nature.

Researchers have found that beach sand is made from quartz which is a power source that can be turned into silicon. And the use of beach sand in cellphone batteries may enhance the usage life of batteries form present one day to three days and even beyond.

The idea struck US postgraduate student Zachary Favors while relaxing on a California beach, the same way a falling apple brought to fore many principles of gravity from Newton. Zachary picked up some sand and noticed it was made up mainly of quartz, which becomes a power source when turned into silicon. 

Zachary Favors' team at the University of California Riverside distilled the quartz into silicon and the resulting substance proved key to improving battery performance. Not only the cellphone batteries, the findings could also apply to electric car and laptop batteries.

Read more about it at: Mail Online

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