Wednesday, February 12, 2014

iPhone 6 - Leaked Photos

When something is about to be unveiled, the patience of the fans and analysts seems to run out and they want something to know before the actual launch takes place.

And this is specially true when it comes to Apple - a company that is so secretive about its products and future plans that it really takes a lot to dig in to get some information and be well informed.

Talking specifically of iPhone 6 - Apple's 2014 flagship which is likely to be unveiled in September later this year, already many speculations and rumours are in the air. Just yesterday, we shared news about the 'up-size' of iPhone 6 - something which is a departure of Apple's previous 4' screen to almost five inches, 4.7" to be exact to satisfy demands of its countless customers who feel handicapped when confronting Samsung users with 5' or more screens of their Galaxy products.

Just today we have news about leaked photos of iPhone 6 as displayed on Twitter - something that everyone has been waiting for long with much curiosity. So herein under are some leaked images of iPhone 6. 

The big sized or up-sized gadget as seen in the photos show a really big thing as compared to Apple's past products. 

In fact iPhone could even boast a display as large as 5.7 inches - as seems evident from the leaked photos. 

So this is it - something to devour upon till something new emerges on the net. What about you? Would you like a bigger Apple to munch on or are contended with the present size of the Apple?

(Source: Sonny Dickson [Twitter], Mornray886 [Twitter])

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