Monday, January 20, 2014

Wireless HDMI Dongle to extend your Desktop

What if you have a smaller screen of your laptop or of your monitor - here something that can extend your laptop screen to your jumbo sized LED mounted on the wall.

But only when your wife is not watching her favourite TV programme - that is.

Now with this amazing HDMI Dongle you can display your computer screen (Mac, Windows or Linux) on your TV, Projector and Monitor - Wirelessly.

The AIRTAME HDMI Dongle can duplicate your computer screen to any TV, projector or monitor. With this innovative device, you can now watch FULL HD content on your bigger screen. Show family pictures, the latest movies, play games or browse the web.

Not only this, you can now wirelessly extend your desktop to get more workspace. Drag the windows you want to display on the bigger screen and keep the rest on your own screen. 

And that is not all: You can duplicate your computer screen to as many screens as you want to. Show your HD content on multiple displays - at the same time.


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