Monday, January 27, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 to have a Fashionable and Flexible Display

Would Galaxy Gear 2 be something like this?
After the success of Samsung Galaxy Gear, the upcoming Galaxy Gear 2 is to be totally different from its previous model. It reported that the new Gear 2 will have a more fashionable and flexible display.

According to the Korean Media (citing Samsung insiders), the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will have a radical new design and will feature a flexible display.

Galaxy Gear 2 is likely to be unveiled in London, sometime in March or April - in fact Samsung may be hurrying up with its upcoming model as the South Korean tech giant is feeling the pressure from Apple and LG, which are also allegedly developing similar wearable products (LG is even rumoured to be the sole provider of iWatch displays).

So let us see whether Samsung brings out something that has a cutting edge over its competitors or is overtaken by others in days to come.

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