Monday, January 27, 2014

Mobile Software to Catch New Malware by 'Observing Behaviour' of your Smartphone

We have had security software to block and beat the malware and virus in our mobile phones. These software look for viruses and malware and try to block or even erase these.

But here is something new: a software that would observe HOW your smartphone behaves to better spot and stop new security threats before they can cause harm or spread to other handsets.

A few days back, Zimperium - a San Francisco-based company, unveiled its zIPS Android app (the “IPS” stands for “intrusion prevention system”), which the company says uses machine learning to watch how your smartphone normally acts and can spot strange changes in its usage, enabling it to detect and prevent attacks, including those that may strike via unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

This kind of technique has long been used to spot malware on PCs - however now it remains to be seen how effective is this technique to 'observe behaviour of a smartphone  to beat back the malware.

For the time being, the zIPS app is geared toward companies that would deploy the software on employees’ phones and use new companion software called zConsole to manage all the handsets. However, a similar app for general consumers may also be available in the future, and will perhaps eventually bring zIPS to other devices.

Read more about it at: MIT Tech Review

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