Thursday, January 30, 2014

Apple's Smartphone 'Growth on the Decline'

There were times when Apple's iPhone was the much talked about device among smartphone users - it still is. But a study shows that its 'growth' is on the decline in a last two years' growth comparison.

The main reason is probably the Android based market which has a large number of competitors  lead by South Korea's Samsung, which has captured a major share of the smartphones. This thus leaves out Apple with its unique iOS which can not be compared or equalled to Android as the latter is used world wide much easier than the Apple's OS.

In fact the comparison between Android and iOS is the same as IBM based computers and Mac.

Talking of the declining smartphone business of Apple, in 2013, Apple shipped 153.4 million iPhones, up from 135.9 million in 2012. However, Samsung, one of Apple's biggest smartphone competitors, increased shipments from 219.7 million to 313.9 million, marking 43% growth. This is compared the overall market, which grew by 38.4%.

See the self explanatory diagram below that recently appeared which says it all about Apple.

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