Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spotify Offers 'free' mobile service to Android and iOS

Swedish firm Spotify has offered to extend its "free" ad-supported music service to mobile devices.

Until now Spotify has offered a free-to-use product only on PCs, and had restricted its mobile apps to paying subscribers. Spotify is now available in 55 countries, including Chile and the Czech Republic.

Smartphone users will be able to build playlists of songs and then hear them played back in a random order. Tablet users will have more control, letting them select specific tracks.

Spotify's founder Daniel Ek has been reported as saying: "Bringing a free service to Android and iOS devices would tempt more people to eventually switch to the premium version where they could access higher-quality audio, no adverts and the ability to listen to songs offline."

The firm is dropping the 10-hours-a-month cap it previously placed on long-term users of its free services.

Read more about it at: BBC Technology

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