Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Facebook Rolls Out 'Thumb Downs - Dislike' icon on Messenger

The Dislike Icon for Facebook [Photo Mashable]

We have lot of stuff on social media, specially Facebook - but all it has in the end is a 'Like' or Thumbs-Up icon to express our liking for a particular post or piece of information.

But what if we do not like a post or information and instead of scrolling down want to express our 'Dislike?' Well even if we dislike a post, we do not have any means to just click on a Dislike Icon - rather we have to write in the comment to explain the reasons of our Dislike.

This is really disturbing. Although StumbleUpon have such an icon, Facebook does not.

In fact since long Facebook users wanted a Dislike button option that would allow them to signal a thumbs down on posts or messages they don't like. Several Facebook community groups are filled with people petitioning for the Dislike button.

However, although the Facebook still does not have a dislike icon,  recently its Messenger app received a collection of new stickers, including an image of a thumbs down. 

The latest crop of images in its "Like" pack includes a sore thumb, peace sign, poke and, of course, thumbs down. The Dislike icon was first spotted by The Verge.

To download the sticker pack, users must access the Sticker Store inside the Facebook Messenger chat session on a web browser or mobile app.

via Mashable

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