Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 15 Innovative Products - Too Awesome To Miss

The world of technology is full of innovations and surprises. Sometimes otherwise seemingly 'innocent' looking products talk much bigger than their size.

I came across some of the most innovative and awe inspiring gadgets and products ar Wonderful Engineering. I am sharing some of the thirty listed gadgets and products herein under for my readers.

Just scroll down and you will be awe stricken and flabbergasted at the ingenuity of those who conceived, designed and produced these gadgets - some are so innovative that one tends to think that this could only be possible in Harry Potter's films. 

But believe me these are for real!!!

Blind-Spot Free Rear-view Mirror: Perhaps this was made for the ladies who feel rather uncomfortable when on wheels. Here is something for such drivers - this amazing blind spot free rear view mirror gives full 180 degree view. This helps ensure safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork. An essential upgrade for your car. Get yours today. 

Though it looks like a camera lens and many photographers would fall for it. But it ain't a camera zoom lens. It is a coffee or tea mug!! get your camera lens mug here.

Those who are not very familiar with the keyboards or even are shy of typing - here is something unique for them - the Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen. You may write now, which is electronically converted sent to the scree of your tablet or even laptop for later conversion into typed form. This is most suitable for taking notes in a conference or in a classroom.

Kick start your day with the revolutionary 3-in-1 breakfast maker. Enjoy coffee, bread and eggs – all made in one small machine. Get yours for as low as $38 here.

Never Loose What is Important: These Tile keep a track of your important belongings. This means you will not loose your cellphone again. You can buy tile here or similar alternatives can be bought here.

The Tile app remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it.

Using your smartphone, these tile tags will sound an alert if triggered. If you can hear it, you can find it.

Ever had your umbrella blown away in a wind storm - well most people do because of its monotonous all round shape which takes the incoming wind pressure head on and pulls it backwards - sometimes getting out of your hands. But not any more: This simple innovations ensures that an head on wind will be offered least cross sectional area to confront with and pass away without blowing away your umbrella.  The design offered by Senz. Available for purchase here.

Solar powered camping tent developed by Eddie Bauer Katatatic is another innovative product that helps you camp with zero carbon footprint. It generates enough electricity to power small electronic devices. More information is available on manufacturers website.

Want to see some more? Go on scrolling down to see some even more mind boggling gadgets:

Don't have a space in your house for a game of table tennis? Well here is a simple solution - Door That Converts Into Table Tennis table: part of Wonderful Engineering home improvement ideas, this is simply cool. More info here.

Control your dreams and induce yourself into lucid dreaming. Buy here.

Forget keys – Lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone. Available for purchase here.

Some of us who are on weight watching programmes, find it difficult to resist cookies and other munching things in the kitchen jars. But not any more. These jars will open only at pre-set times. Perfect for controlling your food cravings.

This is for me perhaps. every morning I find it difficult to scrap butter that is almost frozen for its overnight refrigeration and spread it out on the toast. Well, with Warburton’s Toastie Knife, this problem is solved. 

Improve your visibility and safety while riding your bicycle using blinkers which can be used as turning indicators and side markers!. Buy Blinker Grip Here

Laser keyboard is an innovative product that lets you convert any surface into a keyboard. The keyboard connects to any device with a blue-tooth such as your iPad or cellphone. You can buy laser keyboard here.

And this is the best of all: The Biolite Camping Stove. With this innovative device, you would never run out of battery on your next camping trip. With the Biolite camping stove, you can charge your mobile device by simply burning wood in the stove.

These are just fifteen innovative gadgets - for remaining fifteen more, visit Wonderful Engineering

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