Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Li-Fi: The Future of Ultra-Fast Wireless Network

When Wi-Fi came into our lives, we were jolly good happy as it turned our lives revolving around hot spots wherever we go.

But is it all or is there something better and more powerful in the waiting?

Well, yes seemingly there is something new: The Li-Fi!!

The Chinese have taken the lead this time by originating the idea of Li-Fi, which is likely to be be 100,000 times faster than Wi-Fi!

Li-Fi is a new concept in the field of Wireless data networks. It has a magnificent capability of transmitting the data a 100,000 times faster than the conventional Wi-Fi technology that we use nowadays. 

In fact Wi-Fi is becoming over crowded and it significantly slows down if three or more devices are connected to the router. Also, with the increase in latest technology, size of the data files is increasing and it takes a lot of time for us to download the standard data file.

Li-Fi works on the principle of light flickering. Although, one might think that nobody would like flickering bulbs in their homes but you’re wrong here. These flickering are too rapid for a normal human eye to catch. A light bulb equipped with Li-Fi technology flickers 10,000 to 40,000 times in a second. 

Based on the phenomenon of flickering of light, light can be decoded to get meaningful data and huge amounts of data can be decoded from these light flickering.

Read more about it at: Technology Tribune

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