Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let us have Galaxy Note 3 Features On Note 2

Galaxy Note 3 has recently made ripples in the market and also in the minds of Note 2 users - some of who may be thinking of trading off their Note 2s with Note 3.

But wait - there are some good news for the Note 2 users. I came across a Mod at xdadevelopers that can help you feel like having a Note 3 while still holding your Note 2 in your hand.

The Mod ROM developed by xdadevelopers can bring all Note 3 A

However be ADVISED that you must be using a 4.3 leaked rom (MI6). It is highly recommend to use it on deodexed roms and if possible wipe data (Entirely at your own risk)  and cache before flashing the mod rom. If you are using a MI6 rom or you already have v2 it shouldn't be necessary to wipe data, but please wipe cachepps onto your Note 2 with little hard work on your Note 2 device. 

Here is the Mod ROM and how it can help you to have a feel of Note 3:

1-Flash the mod rom v3: Download link
2-Flash this file to fix the missing frame on pen window (thanks to slink_59) and to get Note3 browser. 
3-Flash this file to get rid of the FC on launcher when you try to change lockscreen wallpaper- thanks to avivalder
3-Please READ THE WHOLE 1ST POSR before writing any comment 
4-Reboot and continue reading!
5-Please let me know if you find any new issues with S Planner (calendar) or SMS app

It is recommended to use Pen Window Manager app created by xperiacle to add more apps to Pen Window. 

You can also add them without any app as dr.ketan informed here

Settings > My device > S Pen > Air Command

Once you do what you are doing, here is what you get:
What Works:
Air Command (Pen Window, Screen Writer, Scrapbook and Action Memo), Gallery, Launcher, Safety Assistance, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner and few things more....
What Doesn't: 
-One Hand Operation works for the keyboard, calendar and dialler but not for "all screens"-Air view appears twice in settings it will be fixed shortly-I think that lot of files for the mod rom can be deleted, but that's not a priority... feel free to test what's necessary and what's not.-Samsung Keyboard FC's when used with Spen (it affects some people only)
Read more about it at: xdadevelopers

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