Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't be left out of photos you take - Use Groopic

I as a photographer always feel that I am left out when taking photos of others - as everyone wants to have him/herself included in each and every photos, and no one takes a pity on the photographer by taking his camera and including him in at least one of the photos. And even if some does, then the group is never complete with the one taking the photos. 

But not any more.

A Lahore based Pakistani developers have the answer: Groopic - the smartphone App that can have you included in most of the photos.

Scroll down for video demo at CNN

Groopic, smartphone app developed to give user an idyllic group photo in just three simple steps that are:
  • Simply take two pictures
  • Mark the photographer
  • Finally, this app will automatically merge these incomplete pictures into one complete group picture.
Groopic has been developed by EyeDeus Lab’s team using patent pending technology and readily, just from its beginning, it grounded its sensation’s flag by getting coverage over international tech blogs like Gizmodo and TechCrunch.

Already the young group of entrepreneur’s hard work got recognition by CNNN in visage of Groopic smartphone app that outshined tech environment. Talking about this amazing app, Ali Rehan (CEO of Eyedeus Labs) told CNN about the aspect how internet is bringing an avid shift for most of all companies operating in Pakistan.

Watch the video below:

Groopic has also been selected for BlackBox connect summer 2013, a two week Silicon Valley immersion program designed for founders of startups. Definitely, it clearly embraced a feat by our developers for being one of the eight sponsored teams by Google.

Other than this credit, further Groopic app achievements are:
  • Won Best startup Award at Startup Weekend Lahore in February 2012
  • Earned Punjab Information Technology Board(PITB) Plan9 incubation
  • Got Runners up Award at P@SHA ICT Awards 2013
  • Featured by renowned and leading media property, Techcrunch.
  • Currently got prominent coverage by CNN media.
Another endearing aspect of this intriguing app is its now among the Top 10 Photo & Video Apps on the US AppStore. However, this smart app could be purchased for Apple devices for 0.99$.

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