Friday, September 6, 2013

Apple TV To Get Software Update On 10th September

Well we have mostly been talking of Samsung's newly unveiled gadgets like the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear. And Apple has been generally quieter lately.

But here is the news from Apple - and this is about a software update for Apple TV.

10th of September would see a software update for the Apple TV - though some had hoped that Apple would be bringing some new hardware in its gradual growth push in the TV market, but it now seems certain that this will not be the case. There will, however, be a handsome software update, with a couple of interesting features.

The udate will allow users to take content bought on one Apple TV device and play it on another. This would specially help if you’re out of your home and don’t wish to move your little black box from its pride of place by your HDTV, the system incorporates both AirPlay and Apple’s servers to allow you to connect to your own content even if you’re not at home.

The process involves using an iPhone to "call" your Apple TV, sending it a message to begin streaming to your friend’s Apple TV. Essentially, it’s an extended version of AirPlay, but a very useful one at that, and I’m sure many confirmed Apple TV owners will be taking full advantage when it does eventually roll out.

via Redmond Pie

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