Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Samsung granted 19 Design Patents Including an All-New Compact TV Remote Controller

Samsung on 16th July was granted 19 design patents covering four for battery designs, three for mobile communication terminals, two for notebooks and many more. by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Of these the most important ones include an all-new compact TV remote controller and another two that could be considered controversial designs that on the surface blatantly copy known Apple patents.

Samsung design patent number D686,195 is for an all-new compact TV remote controller. The remote covers a touch surface that is speculated to pull up various controls for users to manipulate such as channel, volume and inputs.

As for the other two designs that the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Samsung include design patents D686,201 for a "Desktop Computer" that mirrors Apple's Mac mini and design patent number D686,219 that mirrors Apple's Spiral UI patent granted to them in 2012. Samsung's noted patent figure below in fact shows a Spiral UI.

The full list of Samsung's granted patents this Week is given herein under: 

Read more about it at: Patent Bolt

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