Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Is 'Gear' the name of Samsung SmartWatch?

Speculated shapes of Samsung SmartWatch

We have been hearing of iWatch, Google Watch, Sony Watch and LG Watch for long - but we are still 'watching' news, rumors and speculations so far.

Even teenagers in India have super-ceded all big tech giants and have brought out 'Androidly' smartwatch with Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and a camera built-in for just £150.

However, now the rumor is that Samsung is about to bring in 'Gear' - the Samsung SmartWatch earlier than the other big tech compatriots.

The hope gets a momentum from the fact that Samsung has recently applied for a trademark on name “GEAR.” While the primary description suggests the name could apply to literally everything under the sun, the secondary one specifically focuses on watches, clocks, wristbands, bracelets and the like which can communicate with phones, PCs and tablets using the internet and other communication methods, reports Phandroid.

Sony also unveiled the SmartWatch 2 a week ago — so let us see who unveils its smartwatch earlier than the other.

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