Wednesday, July 10, 2013

iPhone dock that also acts as a smoke alarm and automatically makes emergency calls

A smartphone is not only meant to make calls or send short messages - it should also act as an emergency alerter as well.

This is what exactly a sense+detector docking station, called Sense+, does when combined with Apple's iPhone.

The built-in smoke detector in the dock when senses smoke or presence of life threatening carbon monoxide, it triggers an alarm to alert its user of a possible fire in the area.

Scroll down for demo video

And if the alarm is not turned off manually in 30 seconds, a list of emergency phone numbers is displayed on the iPhone's screen before the system begins automatically calling these numbers for help.

The Sense+, which has been developed by designers in Seattle, uses a 'photoelectric' sensor that can detect cold smoke which some traditional smoke alarms have difficulty sensing.

It is claimed bey designers that the Sense+'s photoelectric smoke sensor is more effective at detecting smouldering fires. It may be added that the majority of ceiling-mounted smoke detectors rely on ionisation smoke detection and respond more effectively to smoke caused by flaming fires.

View the demo video below:

Read more about it at: Mail Online
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