Saturday, July 13, 2013

Beware!! T-Mobile Xperia Z comes with Bootloader Locked

Many potential buyers of Xperiz Z are waiting 17th of July - the day when Xperia Z can be theirs.

One can appreciate their ecstasy and enthusiasm as every new gadget has something new hidden it which the users want to explore.

But wait - before you finally make a decision to own a T-Mobile Xperia Z, you are hereby cautioned: that the device comes with an unlockable bootloader!!

Read the last line very carefully

Yes, this simply means that the T-Mobile’s Xperia Z (also known as the C6606 if you prefer to refer to smartphones by their model number) bootloader cannot be unlocked. As simple as that.

But if you are bent on buying it anyway, then you need not worry as every lock has a key to unlock it. Some locks are easy to unlock or crack, while some take longer than others - but it is only matter of time that every lock gets unlocked.

So rest assured that no sooner the T-Mobile Xperia Z hits the market, 'people' out there will get busy to unlock the 'unlocakble bootloader, and will bring you good tidings - when? Well the test will tell.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed.

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