Monday, July 29, 2013

9 Types of Facebook Users - an Interesting Infographic

Social media networks, specially Facebook, has become a vital part of all  internet users. In fact Facebook has overtaken all other types of similar networks and one does not feel comfortable unless endless hours have been spent on Facebook.

Though the productivity of the time spent on the social media is questionable and so is the value of the 'friends' we make here, the fact remains that everyone is trying to lure in as many friends as possible to boast one's popularity to friends and family.

These Facebook users come from people from all walks of life, sharing their thoughts, ideas and news with their 'friends' which generates a typical pattern.

A survey taken from everyday Facebook users reveals an interesting pattern of type of people using this social media network in the form of infographic I came across at Mashable. I am sharing this with my viewers so that they could know in which category do they fall:

Did you find in which category do you fall as a Facebook user?

via: Mashable

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