Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chineses Telecom Giant Huawei's Presence in UK Worries MPs

A group of influential British MPs have showed their utter concern over the presence and involvement of  Chinese telecom company Huawei in Britain’s telecommunications.

The Independent reports that the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) expressed “shock” at how the multinational giant Huawei, started by a former member of Beijing’s armed forces, established a huge presence in the UK. Officials failed to tell ministers about the underlying deal with BT for more than a year.

The committee spoke of the grave danger of national security being traded for financial gain and warned that “a lack of clarity” concerning procedures means that “national security issues [risk] being overlooked.”

It may be added that Huawei is now the world’s second largest telecoms company, with more than 150,000 employees and a turnover of £20bn. Its activities have been repeatedly questioned by official scrutinizing authorities in countries such as the US, Australia and India.

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