Thursday, May 16, 2013

Microsoft's NVIDIA Powered 8-inch Surface Likely in June - for just $299 or 'Even Less'

Are you looking for a cheaper tablet with 8-inch display?

Well if you are, then be happy as  Microsoft is likely to push out its second-gen Surface RT tablet with an 8-inch display, which will be powered by NVIDIA –most likely by Tegra 4 SoC- and will be launched in June - for just $299 and even less.

This remarkable 'rumored news' has been released by DigiTimes that further goes on to say that, “8-inch Surface will use touch panels supplied by Samsung Electronics” and “Taiwan-based ODM Pegatron will be responsible for production”.

It may be added that there have lately been some speculations about a small-sized tablet with 7.5-inch screen for a hefty price tag of $399. It was also in the air that the tablet would using either Intel’s or NVIDIA’s processor, which has ostensibly got clarified for NVIDIA’s SoC to be used.

In addition to Surface, Google is also set to start selling its second-generation Nexus 7 in July with a sales target of 6-8 million units for the second half. The upcoming Nexus 7 will feature Japan Display's (JPI) 1920 by 1200 LTPS TFT panel and a Qualcomm processor, and be priced the same as the first-generation model.

( via Chip Hazard )
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