Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ever Wondered Why Apple Does Not Increase iPhone Screen Size?

Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

There seems to be race going on about the screen size of the smartphones. Even beside Samsung, the Asian smartphone giant that dominates the smartphone world market, HTC, LG and Sony are also coming up with models with screens of 5" and more.

So why Apple is staying back? Everyone from businessmen to users have the same question. Ever wondered what Apple is thinking of not coming up with a bigger screen?

Well none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook has the justification - if not the answer!!

Cook is of the opinion that a large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs - bigger a screen gets, it gets darker, it uses more battery power, and it's less likely to show colors correctly.

Cook said at All Things D's D Conference that Apple customers want Apple to weigh all those variables "and come out with a decision."

Are you an Apple customer? Do you agree with Cook's assertion?

( via Business Insider )
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