Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Asus to Make Smaller Windows 8 Tablets for Less than $300

Just few weeks back, it had been revealed that not only Microsoft was aiming to push out 7-inch Windows 8 Surface tablets, but also the fact that the Redmond giant will be working with different OEMs as well to develop small sized and affordable Touch devices. Today, ASUS has confirmed its intention to make smaller Windows 8 tablets in their quarterly financial statements and added that the prices of these tablets could go below $300.
Asustek Chief Executive, Jerry Shen, further added in a report to Wall Street Journal by saying, “We’re very optimistic about sales for Windows 8 tablets this year, due to Microsoft’s smaller form-factor program.” No further information was shared regarding the specs of the upcoming Windown 8 tablet.
Asus has had tremendous success with its 7-inch Android Nexus tablet. Now with the inclusion of Windows 8 platform to the possible 7-inch series and that to with an incredibly competitive price-tag, Microsoft has a rising chance of gaining its foothold in the tablet market. Do you think Microsoft will have the same amount of success with its 7-inch lineup of tablet devices like iOS and Android?
(via neowin)


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