Saturday, April 13, 2013

Would you go for iPhone 6 With Curved Display - like a flattened toilet roll?

After Samsung showed their card by introducing mighty Galaxy S4 with 8-core processor and 5" screen - and even introduced Galaxy Mega with 6.3" screen recently, all eyes are set to receive Apple iPhone 6 or whatever.

So far the rumors are that iPhone 6 is going to have a curved display - something very unusual and other than the ordinary.

And if the rumors really come true, then customers are really going to go for a ride as if thus curvy things has a fall, just like the humpty dumpty, it is really going to hurt the phone and the owner as well, since the curvy phone with its edgy shape will have critical angles that may result into severe damage to the phone.

Even this curved display phone will be difficult to hold and may slip out of the hand if one is little careless - specially if one gets a little jittery in taking out the phone from the bag and a purse when expecting an important call.

People love the current design even if it’s simple because the device looks elegant. The point is, if you were an iPhone owner, will buy a new iPhone that looks like a flattened toilet roll?

[via GizmoCrazed]
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