Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Samsung testing three designs for Galaxy Note 3 including 'Galaxy S4-like'

Do you like rumors? Well these are real fun - speculating, gossiping about something yet to appear officially. It is always so whenever an important device, gadget, smartphone or a note is about to appear.

Now that the Galaxy S4 has been much talked about, let us gossip a little about Samsung's forthcoming Note 3 and its design.

It seems, according to one of the may rumors in the air, that Samsung is looking at three different internal Galaxy Note 3 versions, one that follows the design lines of the Galaxy S4, one that features a “completely different design,” and one that comes packs a flexible display.

Well Samsung has recently been upbeat about its flexible screens but not actually revealing when such screens will surface. While LG is also joining the race with a possible launch of device with a flexible screen later this year, Samusng may make it a point to do it earlier than LG or anyone else. Which makes Note 3 a fit case for a flexible OLED screen.

However, if Samsung doesn't come up with a flexible display on the upcoming Note 3, at least it may have a different design this year. With all that said, nothing is official yet as Samsung hasn't hinted towards the possibility of any rumor being true, so take all these rumors with a grain of salt for now !!

(via Android Authority)
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