Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Samsung Explains Absence of FM Radio in Galaxy S4

When Galaxy S4 was launched, many potential buyers were intrigued to find the absence of a FM radio in it. And there seemed no plausible excuse for that.

However, Samsung finally breaks cover and speaks out the the 'why' of FM radio absence in S4.

The clarification comes from an official of Samsung in Russia. When Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru asked to comment on the lack of FM-chip in the Galaxy S4 Russian representation of Samsung and received an official response:
"Our studies show a trend shift of interest to digital broadcasting - namely, the focus on listening to music content on social networks or on the channel YouTube. The flagship model of our devices targeted at customers who use digital content, which use modern formats and channels of information consumption."

A recent survey showed that of 11,000 people, 40% would still want a FM radio on S4 - a large percentage that cannot be ignored. The lack of FM-tuner certainly cause resentment among a number of potential buyers of new items and possibly force them to look at other models, notes Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru.

What is your opinion?

( via Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru Translation Needed )
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