Tuesday, April 2, 2013

HTC One pre-sales likely this week by AT&T

The tech world is very amusing - thanks to gossipers and rumor mongers. These highly 'resourceful' and open eyed people are at work all the time to sneak into the tech world and bring out something that make headlines.

And most of the times, their information turns out to be true.

Now turning to HTC's flagship 'One' we hear that AT&T is set to begin pre-orders of the One this week, with the 32GB flavor being offered in both silver and black hues for $249.99. The exclusive 64GB model likely won't be ready in time for early adopters, but it'll go for $299.99 once it does show up on store shelves.

It has also been speculated that pre-sales will begin in the retail channel on April 5th, while pending marketing materials indicate the One can be pre-ordered online the day before. If this is the case, we expect it won't be long before AT&T delivers the official news, and hopefully T-Mobile and Sprint will do the same; we'll keep you posted as soon as it happens.

via Engadget
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