Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apple's iPhone-iPad earn profit - Android controls smartphone marketshare

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Apple and Android based phones seem competitive as iPhones and iPads are said to be making good business and earning handsome profit - while Android based smartphones have almost taken control of the smartphone market share.

The comparison comes by Henry McCracken at Time that illustrate the state of iOS versus Android.

Google’s Android platform held over half the U.S. smartphone market in January at 52.3% thanks to the success of popular devices made my Samsung and HTC, while iOS held 37.8% solely due to the iPhone, according to Comscore.

Notably, Android users download more apps than iOS users. Half of mobile app downloads took place on Android in Q1 2013, while 40% of mobile apps were downloaded on iOS. Again, Android’s lead in market share contributes to their success.

However, in the end game, the businessmen largely trust Apple platform for their operations. Citrix cites 62% of enterprise use of mobile platforms in Q4 using iOS over 35% using Android.

The war between Apple on one end and all Android based smartphones on the other end will continue as both OSs have their own pros and cons - but in USA, it seems people eat more apples!!

(via 9to5Mac)
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