Saturday, April 6, 2013

3 Reasons Why You MAY NOT Opt for Facebook Home

The Facebook Home is making headlines the world over and a majority of youngsters and Facebook lovers are all set to have Home on their smartphones.

Well so far the hype is enormous, specially If you're a Facebook lover with like-minded friends and an Android phone. In that case Facebook Home could be the best thing since, well, Facebook mobile. However, for those who just want to experience Facebook Home to be in step with their community, even if they do not like Facebook, a detailed scrutiny of Facebook Home reveals features which may not appeal to just Android users.

Leslie Meredith at Tech News has listed three reasons why you may not opt for the much talked about Facebook Home. Here is why:

Facebook Home includes Facebook notifications that overlay the full-screen stream of News Feed posts (now called Content Feed inside Facebook Home ). Zuckerberg called Notifications "critical information," which could be a bit of an exaggeration for some users.
Now you may not like to see these notifications as and when these occur, since one may be busy in doing something more important in the office or attending to a business call. The popping up of the 'critical notification' announcement may become distracting and disruptive - won't you say so?

Popping out Chat Heads:
Whenever a Facebook message or an SMS is received, a circle pops up with a photo of the sender. Users can tap the circle to open a chat box. But the chat head stays on your screen no matter what you're doing on your phone.
If this is from a friend, one may attend to it - but what about one of those countless 'friends' we make on Facebook and keep adding everyday? You may not be in a mood to talk to 'lesser friendly' friends? Would it  not turn your Facebook Home joy into a serious annoyance? You can swipe away chat heads in much the same way you'd brush away mosquitoes — but the buzzing would soon return, says Leslie Meredith.

Usage of non-Facebook Home Apps
When you have Facebook Home, it will take over your android apps and will obscure everything that you once loved.
While Facebook may not block other apps, Home makes it harder to get to them. If I want to see notifications from social networks other than Facebook and Instagram, such as Twitter and Vine , I would have to tap to see an app button and then tap again to see the familiar array of apps installed on the phone.
Think over these 'hazards' and When downloading the Facebook Home App, Google Play will give you the option to try Facebook Home once, as well as downloading it in typical fashion, which is named "always." Unless you're absolutely sure you want a Facebook phone, "Just once" is the wiser choice.

(via Tech News)
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