Thursday, March 21, 2013

WatchPhone or iWatch - which will come first?

We have been waiting for the iWatch from Apple for quite sometime now. The applying for patenting 'something' wrist wearable recently by Apple boosted hopes that iWatch or as people say 'iWhatever' is not far from reality.
Would Samsung Watch Phone will look like this? [Photo credit: Mobile Geant]

But now we hear that Samsung too has jumped into the race for a smart-watch or watch phone, a project which Samsung has initiated twice before and abandoned. This makes many wonder would Samsung be able to bring out its smart-watch known as Watch Phone before Apple does?

Well it seems Samsung is going to overtake Apple this time as something is expected in April from Samsung.

Samsung that has recently launched Galaxy S4 smartphone, seems to be free from the smartphone race for the timebeing and may now wait for a quid pro quo response from Apple. So it has a breathing time to concentrate on its twice abandoned smartWhatever project.

Explaining the Significance of New Product, Samsung has notified following on its official site:
The wrist-worn communicators we have enjoyed watching in science fiction and action movies are now on the market for consumers to use themselves. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has come out with the world's first CDMA-based watch phone (model: SPH-WP10), which is scheduled to go on the market in April.
The SPH-WP10 is Samsung's first product developed as part of a market segmentation strategy designed to respond to the nearly saturated domestic market for wireless handsets. The new product signals new marketing approaches by domestic manufacturers to target specific generations of mobile telecommunications service users.
Samsung's CDMA-based watch phone is the smallest and lightest wireless terminal ever produced. It combines the functions of a digital watch with that of a wireless communications handset. 

Product Details
The SPH-WP10 comes with a miniature duplexer, super-small base-band analog processor chip and tiny fixed antenna.
The product weighs just 39g (50g with battery) and measures only 67mm by 58mm by 20mm. As such it has been hailed as an important breakthrough in the battle for smaller and lighter wireless handsets.
Samsung's new watch phone offers 90 minutes of continuous call time and 60 hours of standby time.
It is also loaded with all the features (30 in total) users have come to expect in a handheld phone, including voice activated dialing, phone directory, ear microphone, and vibration alert.
It comes with a graphic LCD that displays the current use mode through animation.
User Convenience
Worn on the wrist, the SPH-WP10 offers exceptional portability and it is less likely to get lost or stolen than conventional wireless handsets. It also does not hinder people who are involved in playing sports, fishing, hiking or doing some other form of outdoor activity.

This news may be worrying Apple or getting it ready to find something to file a lawsuit against Samsung for stealing its brand in hibernation, as of time!!

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