Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watch Galaxy S4 Launch Ceremony Live Streaming | 7 PM EST - 14th March 2013

The launch ceremony of Samsung Galaxy S4- 0ne of the biggest event of year 2013 comes live today - from New York at 7 PM EST.

This much awaited unpacked event of the year comes amid a bundle of speculations, predictions, gossips and rumors. We have 'seen' how the Samsung's 2013 flagship looks like, not from one source but two - each giving a different outlook.

We also heard of eye-movement scrolling of the page, the battery saving screen and florating touch input.

There was much ado about the processor and vague details. The latest speculation came claiming S4 to have a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU instead of the speculated ARM’s Mali.

And just now we posted about another Antutu benchmark which 'predicts' that the alleged model GT-I9505 of Galaxy S4 (presumably the LTE version) equips a Samsung’s quad-core CPU termed as ARMv7 that doesn't explain much regarding the processor’s type and that’s not all.

So these were some of the many gossips and rumors that kept us busy and while away our time till the very last day.

Tonight is going to be special and all eyes and eras will be tuned toward New York where the unveiling launch ceremony of Galaxy S4 smartphone will take place.

Samsung has arranged a huge public live streaming of the event at the Times Square as well so more people can become an active part of the ceremony. For all those of you who can’t be a part of this glorious event, Samsung has provided the opportunity for people to experience the event at the comfort of their homes via web Live Streaming.

In order to view the ceremony live, please adjustable your timing according to the 7 PM EST. Following are the different time zones at which the anticipated Galaxy S4 launch event will commence:-
The standard timings for the launch ceremony is:

UTC (GMT/Zulu)-time: Thursday, 14 March 2013, 23:00:00
* UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.

The exact timings for other places are as under:

Thursday, 14 March 2013:
Los Angeles: 4:00 pm
Denver: 5:00 pm
Chicago: 6:00 pm
New York: 7:00 pm
London: 11:00 pm

Friday, 15 March 2013:
Berlin/Western Europe: 00:00 am
Tehran: 2:30 am
Moscow / Dubai: 3:00 am
Pakistan: 4:00 am
Delhi: 4:30 am
Dhaka: 5:00 am
Beijing / Singapore: 7 am
Philippines/Hongkong/Malaysia: 8:00 am
Tokyo: 08:00 am
Sydney: 10:00 am

Complete list of timings world wide are given here

So the wait for Something is over. To watch the live event officially hosted by Samsung, hit the following links :

Samsung’s official Facebook live Streaming page or Samsung Mobile’s Official YouTube Channel and C|net and enjoy the much anticipated launch of the Next Big Thing!

Or else you may watch the live streaming directly from here:


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