Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top 25 Most Popular Celebrities 'Hot' on Chinese Social Media

Each country sees world celebrities from its own perception, outlook and degree of influence. We more often than not talk of celebrites' rating in Europe or in the West - but we seldom rate most popular world celebrities by the viewers choice on Social Media in China.

Well here is one such an attempt to bring to you how the CHinese fans like the world's most popular celebrities on their scoial media networks.

A recent survey shows that musicians are the most buzzed-about celebrities in China, comprising 34% of the list's top 50 celebs. Athletes, which make up 25%, are also popular.

Being Rafael Nadal's fan myself, I was amazed to his popularity as he has recently scaled up the ladder of likeness from 48th slot to being no.10. He is followed by Hollywood darling Tom Cruise at no.11.

Watch the following infographic and see for yourself who is really 'hot' on the Chiense social media:

The Infographic has been created by Synthesio, a global social-media monitoring company, as part of its "China Social Media Listening Month." It listened to the top 50 celebrities from Forbes' "The World's Most Powerful Celebrities" list, and monitored China's top social-media sites, including Sina Weibo, Renren and Tencent Weibo.


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