Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 for Italy: Bring bag full of money

OK the euphoria of how Samsung's 2013 flagship Galaxy S4 may look like or what features it contains seems to be dying down.

Now the next big question is when can I buy it and for how much?

Well the leaked information for Italy has some sensational news - want to buy Galaxy S4? Bring a bag full of money.

It has been reported through leaked information that the Galaxy S4 will be launched sometime in the first two weeks of May, and will cost a whopping €699 ($914, £604) in Italy. However, the users and potential buyers in rest of the EU may get the same smartphone for  €599 ($783, £518).

The price discrepancy between what is expected in Italy versus other countries is apparently based on what has happened with previous Samsung releases, like the Galaxy Note II and the S III.

The UK may see the S4 launch on April 26, but regardless of its release date there, it will surely be a successful launch as pre-registrations are up sharply compared to Galaxy S III.


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