Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Post-it-note sized radical digital camera - a camera of future developed today

There is no limit to man's imagination and the Cornan digital camera is the 'digital manifestation' of man's innovative mind. It is a small tiny device of future, designed and made today.

So far we have had seen cameras with a separate lens and separate view finder. But now designer Jared Mankelow has come up with not only a tiny camera, but the one with a see-through view finder, which also happens to be the lens of the camera.

This tiny camera was born as a result of BBC Future 's Imagineering Project, in which designers were asked to reinterpret everyday objects. Jared's bold design is of the size of a Post-it note-shaped square in bold blue, with two rings at the front for the imaging sensors (black) and a ring-flash (white). A large hole bored straight through the camera serves as its lens and viewfinder.

Jared says:
“[There are] two things happening here – one is with the surprise or delight of not actually viewing the subject matter you’re taking photos of, and the other is transferring via Bluetooth to your smartphone, to your tablet, and viewing photos that way.”

It may not quite recreate that feeling of waiting for your pictures to come back from the lab, but if the prototype becomes a reality, it may be the closest thing in the digital age.

via BBC Future
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