Monday, March 11, 2013

Iran cuts off VPN workaround to Internet filters

Iranian government has blocked the use of VPN services which has been used by may Iranians to circumvent internet restrictions and still mask their activities.

The move comes as this popular tool is widely used by the internet users in Iran, who have had thus far unfettered access to the Internet.

It may be added that being quite aware of the censorship they face, many Iranians use proxy servers over virtual private networks to circumvent government restrictions and mask their activities.

However, officials now say they have blocked use of the "illegal" tool.

"Within the last few days illegal VPN ports in the country have been blocked," said Ramezanali Sobhani-Fard, the head of parliament's information and communications technology committee, according to Reuters. "Only legal and registered VPNs can from now on be used."

Access to major international news sites and social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is blocked by the country's government, which has been waging a battle against what it calls "inappropriate" content on the Internet. After blocking access to Google's search engine and YouTube in September, Iran's government launched a video-sharing site to promote Iranian culture.

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