Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to be an effective Twitterer

Social Media net works have not only grown in size and volume, but also in popularity and their connections to our daily lives. In fact without these social media networks, life seems quite empty, boring and without any taste - if for any reason one is unable to log on and spend some time with 'friends' on these networks, it seems day has been abandoned and wasted.

Well for many, specially teenagers, these networks are very important to keep in touch, share news and plans, whether from home/office computers or from the smartphones and notes/books, the emerging gadgets which may one day overtake use of computers.

However, like any other system, these social media networks also have ettiquettes to follow to be a likelable member. A person with pleasing etiquettes is likely to earn respect and an increase in the followers.

Discussing with a friend of mine, who is a Twitter crazy geek, we came upon a set of etiquette that may help Twitter members to be effective Twitters.

Herein under are some of these:
Conversation: the first thing that a Twitterer need to do is to converse with other members and those following. Merely adding followers and following a lot is only mathematical, but non participation - which in fact is the essence of joining any social media network. 
Avoidance of Self Promotion: If one thinks that all others are there to acknowledge what one is saying, then it is selfishness. A good Twitterer does not seek self promotion or that of the organization one represents or owns, but while doing so, one should acknowledge others and get into discussion what others are saying and wanting to convey. A two way traffic would earn a Twitter respect and friends, not merely followers.
Civility and Chivalry: When one interacts with others, one has to be extra formal polite, show civility and chivalry - which once was the basic ingredient of gentlemen and ladies. One must respect others sentiments and ideas and should not shoot these with rudeness or offensively. Any discussion should be done with good choice of words that show one's formal grooming and respect for others.
Making money with Dignity: One of the many means of making money online is through social media networks. But this does not necessarily means that one only promotes one's products or ideas only. One must ensure that one does not become a 'noise' on Twitter by an overly active campaign to sell. Rather the Twitter platform be used imaginatively and prudently so that others are attracted rather than repulsed.
Spend Time:  Yes, that's what I exactly said - spend time on Twitter and exchange views, participate in discussions, leave comments. Agree and disagree (of course not using foul language) with others and let them know what you think of a situation. This will cultivate  a long lasting relationship with those who are serious and really want to interact. You may never know you really develop life long friendship with someone.
Avoid following too much: It is very easy to follow - rather everyone out there want people to follow him/her. In fact your standing on Twitter is judged by how many follow you rather than how many you are following. If the four points given above a re followed correctly and imaginatively, others will start to follow you - an d then you can select who to follow and who not to follow. As following everyone who is following you is also meaningless. Follow those who participate, discuss things, use language that speak of maturity rather than naivety.
If you follow the five points given above, I am sure you will have quality following and followers.

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