Sunday, March 3, 2013

Here is an App to provide Security to your LOST Android Device

Some of us are in the habit of leaving out cell phones  and only to remember it when it is needed to be used - but then it is too late as someone else must have taken it using it.

The loss of a cell phone now a days is a big loss as it not only contains numerous telephone numbers of friends and acquaintances of which we seldom make a backup - but also lot of personal data which if accessed by criminals can be used against the owner of the device.

TheftSpy - Screen Shot

But now there is an Android based app 'TheftSpy' that can help you out in such a situation and provide an amazing degree of security to your lost device.

TheftSpy can track your phone using GPS - that is the basic feature  But you would be amazed to know that you can also use the phone’s cameras to take photos as well as video, and you can take screenshots too. Users can retrieve WhatsApp messages, SMS messages and photos, too. If it’s on your phone and of importance to you, the chances are you can get it back using this nifty app.

Impressed - aren't you?

And what is more: It is for free for now - and free for life if you get in fairly quickly. This app has a whole host of features that will help you find your phone if it goes missing, and also retrieve information from it should all hope of getting it back be gone completely.

Go over to the official website Google Play and know more before using it.


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