Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fold-able Power Plug - say goodbye to six decades old fixed-legged design

The three pin power plug that was designed in 1947 has remained unchanged till now. Its size is always a worrying problem specially when packing and traveling.

But not anymore - we now have a fold-able three pin power plug that can ease travelers' woes.

Fold-able Power Plug - say goodbye to six decades old fixed-legged design

Like the apple that made Newton come up with his famous laws of motion, it was a scratch by the three pin power plug on the laptop of Min-Kyu Choi which caused him to go to the drawing board.

The Korean designer took the UK-style power plug – virtually unchanged since it came into use in 1947 – and turned it into a fold-able version called Mu. A phone charger using the fold-able concept is now available to buy in the UK.

Min-Kyu Choi was studying at London’s Royal Academy in 2009 when he scratched his laptop with the pins from the power cord. Deciding to redesign it, he set to work. “Firstly, I analysed the whole element of the product, and which I can change and which I can’t change. I found a really small list I can’t change, literally the dimensions of the pin. So I just rearranged the pin position so I could make it slim enough. The answer was quite easy.”

Choi’s design allows the live and neutral pins, on the bottom of the plug, to pivot 90 degrees so they align with the earth pin on the top. The two flaps on the side then collapse, helping form a diminutive box which measures only 14x55x60mm.

Read more about it at: BBC Future
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