Monday, April 1, 2013

Did we have mobile phones in 1938? Find Out!!

You would be surprised to see a series of photos and videos that appeared in Mail Online which show a elegantly dressed woman talking on something that looks like a mobile phone - back in 1938!!

The video aired on YouTube of this black and white footage has attracted 300,000 views so far.

The brief clip of the woman, captioned 'Time traveler in 1938 film' shows a young woman dressed in a stylish 30s dress walking alongside a crowd of people who are also dressed in outfits from the same period.

She seems to be chatting animatedly into a device held to her ear, which she then lowers. As she brings her arm down it can be seen as being the same size and shape as a modern cell phone.

The footage is claimed to have been shot at a factory owned by US industrial giant Dupont.

After many a consipracy theories, the YouTube user has come forward saying that the woman really is using a cell - but it's a prewar prototype developed by a communications factory in Leominster, Massachusetts, for use within the factory.

Well this is how ideas are born, innovated, developed and nurtured into today's reality. Won't you say so?

Read more /watch video about it at: Mail Online
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