Saturday, March 2, 2013

Breakthrough in Battery Manufacture that can charge iPhone in five SECONDS

Do not think I am crazy when I share this news. But the fact is that a breakthrough in smartphone battery manufacturing will now make it possible for you to charge your iPhone, or even a car, in just FIVE SECONDS.

Called micro-scale graphene-based super-capacitors, the devices can charge and discharge a hundred to a thousand times faster than standard batteries.

The micro-super-capacitors the team created using a DVD burner. They can charge and discharge upto a thousand times faster than traditional batteries

Made from a one-atom–thick layer of carbon, can be easily manufactured and readily integrated into gadgets - and could even lead to far smaller phones.

To develop their new micro-super-capacitor, the researchers used a two-dimensional sheet of carbon, known as graphene, which only has the thickness of a single atom in the third dimension.

The team also found a way to produce the new batteries easily - using a standard DVD burner.

'Traditional methods for the fabrication of micro-supercapacitors involve labor-intensive lithographic techniques that have proven difficult for building cost-effective devices, thus limiting their commercial application,' El-Kady said.

'Instead, we used a consumer-grade LightScribe DVD burner to produce graphene micro-supercapacitors over large areas at a fraction of the cost of traditional devices.

'Using this technique, we have been able to produce more than 100 micro-supercapacitors on a single disc in less than 30 minutes, using inexpensive materials.'

The researchers say people could even make the technology at home.

'The process is straightforward, cost-effective and can be done at home,' El-Kady said.

'One only needs a DVD burner and graphite oxide dispersion in water, which is commercially available at a moderate cost.'

So are you ready with your DVD burner?


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