Monday, March 11, 2013

Beware!! Your Facebook 'Likes' Can Reveal Your Personality Secrets

Facebook is everyone's darling these days. One wouldn't go to sleep before taking a look what is new on this most favourite social media or it is the first thing one checks on when getting up in the morning.

But clicking the blue 'Like' button, which we press more often than not, can reveal your personality secrets, warns a recent study.

The continuous background automated analysis monitors your Like and shapes your personality without even you knowing about it. It may reveal that:
  • You are a gay,
  • How you vote
  • Whether you are married or an unmarried introvert,
  • or what is your IQ level
That's the conclusion of a study published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers reported analyzing the likes of more than 58,000 American Facebook users to make guesses about their personalities and behavior, and even whether they drank, smoked, or did drugs.

Facebook launched its like button in 2009, and the small thumbs-up symbol has since become ubiquitous on the social network and common across the rest of the Web as well. Facebook said last year that roughly 2.7 billion new likes pour out onto the Internet every day.

The study found that Facebook likes were linked to sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnicity, IQ, religion, politics and cigarette, drug, or alcohol use. The likes also mapped to relationship status, number of Facebook friends, as well as half a dozen different personality traits.

Men who liked TV song-and-dance sensation "Glee" were more likely to be gay. Men who liked professional wrestling were more likely to be straight. Drinking game aficionados were generally more outgoing than, say, fans of fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett. People who preferred pop diva Jennifer Lopez usually gathered more Facebook friends than those who favored the heavy metal sound of Iron Maiden.

Read more about it at: Huffington Post


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