Friday, February 22, 2013

Top 10 Ways Even Your Most Expensive Smartphone Sucks

We buy smartphones for ease, comfort and be in touch. But no matter how expensive the smartphone may be, it sucks - and at times irks the user so much that one thinks that one was better off with an ordinary cell phone rather than the one laced with tons of apps and very high resolution man many mega pixel camera.

I came across this informative post and thought of sharing with my viewers - and specially those who are always running to have the best and latest gadget in town or even universe.

Here we go:
Battery Life: No matter how latest the smartphone, the battery duration always sucks, specially if you have turned on your wi-fi. The battery would betray you when you want the 'phone' the most. It happened with me in Dubai when I was far from my hotel and late at night no taxi was around and I wanted to call a friend to pick me up - and the battery was dead. I had to ask a pedestrian to lend me his phone to make a call (Luckily I remembered the friend's number - otherwise....).

Type Guessing: You’re phone tries so hard to understand what you are trying to say – but check Facebook and you’ll see a litany of auto-correct mistakes that can get you. This is mostly due to such a small keyboard compared to our thumb size and dexterity.

Controlling your 'own' phone:You may have noticed that your iPhone and your friends Android have different apps from you. But why can’t you change your apps? Not getting to control all the apps you want to use (or not use) can be frustrating. You just want to get rid of these useless apps!
Durability: If you make a mistake and your phone falls, there goes your everything. My expensive smartphone fell and cost me a fortune to get its damaged display.

Picture Quality: I am an amateur photographer, fond of taking photos whenever I am out. And naturally it has to be done by my cell phone camera. Let me tell you the results are always an apology, specially at night. This is despite all those tall claims the companies make to make you buy their product. Now that Samsung is coming up with a 13 mega pixel camera, already a couple of shots attributed to the camera are out and these simply suck.

Dizzy With Distraction: Your phone e-mails, texts, Tweets, and still occasionally calls you. With all those capabilities you would think you are super productive and focused. Not so. Instead it becomes a distraction while driving, talking to friends, or even in your business meeting!

Constant Upgrades: This is something which is most annoying and irking. You buy one camera, and the next day you hear that another model is on its way. And what sucks is that as the new upgrade comes, the upgrades for the previous version stop coming and you are forced, rather tacitly coerced to go for the new one.

Silence: Notifications, text messages, and phone calls are not only distracting but also noisy! You can turn your phone to silent but that doesn't stop those distracting messages coming across your screen. You can become almost become cross-eyed from the overwhelming notification attack.

Billing: You buy a smartphone and then it starts to drain your wallet on daily basis. The App deception that gets you every other day for an upgrade or the SMS that we so innocently send to our friends pile to an extent that one feel like throwing the little monster away.

And last of all your smartphone sucks Being a Phone: We buy a smartphone basically to be in contact and call - but despite being laced with all types of social media, apps and text messaging facilities  the voice calls are prone to frequent disruptions and call drops. What do you - holding a top of the line smartphone and unable to make a voice call. SMS is an alternative, but certainly no substitute to voice calls.


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