Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nokia's new flagship phone to have incredible 41 megapixel camera

We boast our Apple iPhone with 8 megapixel camera - but that would look peanuts when Nokia's flagship smartphone hits the market with incredible 42 mega pixel camera.

The camera technology, dubbed Pureview, first saw the light of day at the huge Barcelona mobile phone fair, Mobile World Congress, in February last year.

But the technology was debuted in the last of Nokia's old range of smartphones, which used the now-defunct Symbian operating system.

When Nokia and Microsoft launched the latest version of the Lumia, the 920, at the end of last year, observers wondered what had happened to the revolutionary technology, as the top of the range handset 'only' boasted an 8.7 megapixel sensor.

Now the amazing 41 megapixel sensor will be in the next top of the range Nokia Windows phone, which will be dubbed the EOS.

But the resulting images will actually only be about 5 megapixels. However, they will be very high quality, because the both the pixels and the sensor in the new phone will be bigger than their counterparts made by other technology firms - which means a bigger area for light to be captured on. Nokia's Purveiew technology means that the shutter can be open for longer and getting better pictures in low light conditions.

Read more / view video about it at: Mail Online


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