Saturday, February 16, 2013

iPhone vs 'iphone': Apple loses rights to the iPhone in Brazil

While Apple fights for its patent rights against Samsung, there is a lot of surprise and setback for Apple in Brazil as its loses rights to its iPhone in Brazil.

A São Paulo based firm has won the rights against Apple as it already has patented a name that Apple iPhone Gradiente comes with.

Brazilian 'iphone' (above) wins patent case against Apple iPhone

The verdict won't forbid Apple from using the name in Brazil, but it makes it clear the rights belong to local consumer electronics firm Gradiente.

The São Paulo-based company's request to use the iphone trademark was granted in 2008, and the company started making 'iphones' - with a lowercase 'p' - in December.

Gradiente's 'iphone' runs Android OS, developed by Apple rival Google, laced with a 700MHz processor and 3.7in capacitive touchscreen.

The company was the first to make cellphones in Brazil, and launched the first national smartphone in 2004.Their phones are entirely different from Apple's flagship mobile device. For starters, the Gradiente iphone runs on the Android operating system, developed by Apple rival Google Inc.

The dual-sim phone comes complete with two cameras, front and back, with 0.3 and 5 megapixels resolution respectively, but no flash - although if you live in sun-soaked Brazil you might not need it.

It also has lower screen resolution, weighs more than the Apple phone, and sells for a fraction of the price at 599 Brazilian Real - about £180.

However, Apple is probably choosing to pay the Brazilian company for the right to use the iPhone brand in Latin America's largest country, a telecommunications analyst told the Associated Press in December.

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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