Saturday, February 2, 2013

iPhone battery melts and leaks acid onto owner's hand but Apple refuses replacement

Shibani Bhujle, a New York marketing executive claims her iPhone 4S battery melted this week oozing acid that destroyed her handset, but Apple are refusing to offer her any compensation.

The melted iPhone 4S [Photo: Shibani Bhujle/Quartz]

Bhujle told the concerning meltdown occurred when the phone was turned off and sitting on her coffee table. She said she suffered some burning to her fingers when reporting the incident to her local Apple store.

Despite her claims, Apple are refusing to replace the handset and have told her she needs to pay $200 for her insurance to provide a new phone.

The New Yorker's iPhone 4S unexpectedly turned on in the incident and gave off a strong smell of burning, according to Bhujle.

'Within a minute, there was a very strong smell—it smelled like something was burning,” she told 'I picked up my phone and it was very, very hot. It wouldn't turn on. In the following minute. I couldn't hold it because it was too hot to touch. I was panicking. I expected it to explode or something.

Read more about it at: Mail Online


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