Monday, February 11, 2013

American scientist 'accidentally' creates glasses that allow people to see full spectrum

Can you read what figure is written in the upper photo? If you cannot, you would be able to read with glasses given below

Colour blindness is one of the major concern of the people suffering from eye diseases around the world. The colour blind people often find them at odds when differentiating colours like traffic signals and warning lights in red.

But here is a good news for such people as a scientist has 'accidentally' created glasses that allow people to see full spectrum.

The glasses with purple-tinged lenses enhance reds and greens, allowing those with the most common form of the condition to see them properly. However they hamper perception of blues and yellows.

The glasses, which were originally developed for medical use, are the brainchild of US scientist Mark Changizi.

The lenses filter out bands of light that interfere with the ability to distinguish various shades of red and green.

Dr Changizi, of Idaho firm 2AI Labs, said: ‘It makes it so they can suddenly see red-green differences in the world which were originally too small for them to notice.’

One tester of the Oxy-Iso lenses, a British academic, has told how he ‘shivered with excitement’ after putting on the £190 glasses for the first time. See the video below:


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