Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wireless Pillbox with Text Message Alerts

Those suffering from multiple diseases and have to take different medicine four times a day may find themselves at loss sometime to keep a track of their medication and even miss or delay their timely dosage. Or for that matter the elderly who may simply forget to take their medicines, it can be dangerous.

But not anymore. We now have a Wireless Pillbox which alerts the user with Text Message  if the medicine is delayed or not taken or even forewarn the time of the next time so that the dose is not missed and is timely taken.

Thanks to the technology and innovation in the form of MedFolio, which is designed to simplify the medicine taking process. And now with MedFolio, correctly taking medication should be the last of your worries and they try and streamline it for you.

The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox offers people a way to take their medications, with times and days sectioned in their container. Not only can medication be tracked a week in advance, but each section features an LED light which glows when you need to take it, and will stop once the related segment has been removed. When you need to take something, the light will flash and it can also send audio alarms via email or text message. The box also allows you to place all medications in a list so they are easy to identify.

The salient of MedFolio are:

  • The MedFolio Pillbox is an electronic medication management device, which serves as a medication identifier and reminder system, storing seven days of solid medication separated into four daily dosing intervals. 
  • The MedFolio Pillbox connects to any personal computer using a provided USB cable and a downloadable software program allows the user/caregiver to easily customize the device to specific medication regimens and dosing times. 
  • The medication information stored into the memory of the electronic pillbox will initiate a series of medication reminders, such as audio and visual LED-lighting alerts. 
  • Additionally, the software program will communicate with a secure website to offer the option of receiving electronic messaging reminders (e-mail and text message) for each scheduled medication dosing time. 
  • A unique built-in medication identification system is a portfolio of every medication stored in the pillbox, thereby giving the user/caregiver the confidence to engage in medication discussions with healthcare providers. 
  • The pillbox can easily be transported to every medical-related appointment or the individual pill storage boxes can be detached from the pillbox for those individuals on the go. A MedFolio carrying case will be provided with each electronic pillbox unit purchased. 
(Source: ChipChick | MedFolio )

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