Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hypersonic aircraft to cover London-Sydney in 90 minutes by 2050

We at Silicon Buzzard shared a news of a Hybrid Winged aircraft that would run air and will reduce the cost of fuel to half - but that would take 20 years.

Now there is yet another Hypersonic aircraft being designed which will fly 24 times the speed of sound and will cover the London-Sydney flight in just 90 minutes - Amazing!!

Although the finished article is still a long way off, Martin Sippel, project coordinator for SpaceLiner at the German Aerospace Center believes the project could attract private funding within a decade.

The current concept includes a rocket booster stage for launch and a separate orbiter stage to carry up to 50 passengers halfway around the world without ever making it to space.

It is also assumed that a journey between Europe and the U.S. would be reduced to just over 60 minutes, providing passengers are happy to pay space travel prices, estimated to be in the region of several hundred thousand dollars per ticket.


The SpaceLiner, which will take off like mounted on a rocket just like a space shuttle and take approximately eight minutes to climb to an altitude of some 50 miles where it reach the earth's upper atmosphere before gliding back to Earth at hypersonic speeds of more than 15,000 mph.

See the video below of this innovative and most ambitious aircraft of the future:

Read more about it at: Mail Online


It is a very good news for long distance travelers...

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