Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Set Up File History In Windows 8 to Backup Data

Windows 8 has many new features, but are not automatically loaded by default. These have to be enabled by those who really need it so as to conserve memory and storage.

However, one of these  many features that may come handy and useful, but is not set by default is the File History for Data Back and Security.

File History is one of the lesser known features in Windows 8, and definitely one of the best ones that Microsoft has come up with in a while. The utility works the best in networked situations, or if you have a spare external hard drive available that all members of your HomeGroup could use for their backup needs. Combine it with BitLocker to protect the backed up data, and you have a pretty perfect solution available for your data security needs.

A I siad beofre, File History is not enabled by default, so if you want it to be enabled, you’ll need an external backup drive attached to the machine before doing so. 

So if you have an external drive and are ready to install the File History for your data back and ensure its security, follow the procedure given here.

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