Friday, January 11, 2013

Apple not developing cheap iPhone: Says Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller

While there have been news about Apple was coming up with low budget cheap iPhone to widen its business, the Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller has denied any such plans.

The denial comes at a time when just yesterday Samsung announced Galaxy S II Plus, supposedly a cheaper version of S II - that leaves many to ponder the wisdom behind the launch as after S II, SIII is already making headlines and even plans are afoot for eight core Galaxy S IV this year.

And Phil Schiller was right in condemning such efforts by smartphone manufacturers to lure in more customers.

9to5Mac, quoting Shanghai Evening News reports an interview in which Schiller has categorically denied developing a cheaper smartphone to “grab market share away.” He reportedly said the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone for Apple and his company is not concerned with market share.
“We are not like other companies, launched multiple products in one breath, then pinning his hopes on a product to get the favor of consumers,” said Schiller, according to the translated report. “Competitors launched many dimensions new products, but after purchase will find no suitable software products and user experience.”

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