Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top Tech Trends Likely in 2013

We have seen lot of tech growth in the year 2012, specially in the field of smartphones, tabs and notes. We are also witnessing a patent lawsuit war going on between the two tech giants Apple and Samsung.

Now that the year 2012 is almost over, all eyes are set on 2013 and expectations are many from the end users who want something substantial and meaningful. 

Top Tech Trends Likely in 2013

Seeing the tech growth of 2012, many expect demise of dead and dated technologies and gadgets of 2012 and before and expect to see new dimensions of the tech growth. In any case, we feel happy to predict things - and predictions do come true in the field of technology  if not other fields.


Mashable has come up with 11 trends that we may see in 2013. There are many good news, but bad news for desktop owners and Anonymous Trolls.

Here are the top 11 technology trends 'predicted' for year 2013:
  • Second-Screen Revolution
  • Big Data
  • Anonymous Trolls
  • End of Privacy
  • Rise of Reporting
  • Official Death of Desktops
  • 3D Printing
  • Flexible Devices
  • Embedded Technology
  • Crowdfunding Mania
  • Robots Rise
This is just an introduction. Do read the details here to be enlightened of what awaits us in the year 2013.

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